Welcome to Evolution of Rifles USA

In 1970 the founders of Evolution discovered that along with the booming economy, Americans wanted to expand their horizons and hunt, fish and shoot around the world. These creative folks had for many years been in the gun business and were passionately pursuing hunting, fishing and shooting venues throughout North America and Asia.

The Owners of Evolution USA have now been in the firearms business for over 45 years and they are completely dedicated to producing the finest firearms available anywhere in the world.

Each and every person working with this firm, whether manager or technician, is a world class master shooter and they have accumulated numerous world, national and regional titles.

Every rifle created by Evolution incorporates the most up to date accuracy science into your sporting or competition rifle.

Bolt Rifle Information
Optional Features
Various Bolt Gun Styles

Classic Sporting Rifles
Light Weights
Breakdown Model (two piece)
Long Range Varmint and Bench Rest
Elegant English Style Double Rifles

Chapuis Custom
Manurhin MR 73 Revolver

Manurhin MR 73 Revolver

Guns are an important part of the world today.  Being able to protect yourself is necessary and to keep your family safe is invaluable.

The best way to feel safe is to be well prepared for anything that will come at you.

We strive to make you the most prepared for any situation and will continue to do so for the rest of our time.