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Evolution USA is a small but highly innovative custom rifle manufacturing firm. The owners of the company have been in the gun business for over 45 years and are completely dedicated to producing the finest firearms in the world.

Every member of both the management and technical teams are world class rifle competitors and have accumulated numerous world and national titles. Each model of Evolution rifle incorporates the most up to date accuracy science into a superb sporting or competition rifle.

All Evolution rifles are custom created to your exact specifications. You may create your own one of a kind specialty rifle or select one of our seven custom models.



  • Type and style
  • Weight
  • Construction material
  • Overall dimensions
  • Type of finish


  • Overall length
  • Contour
  • Weight
  • Construction material
  • Rate of twist


  • Seven different models available
  • Each one completely trued (blueprinted) and hand fitted to your barrel for perfect alignment


  • Over 500 chamber reamers available from .223 to .700 NE
  • We can also create a custom caliber specifically for your needs
  • We also have available the revolutionary .400 Tembo. This caliber was developed in the year 2000 by Dr. Kevin Robertson, and the Evolution ballistics staff, for the purpose of taking the world's most dangerous animals. The bullet is a true .400 and is available in several weights & designs. This projectile is propelled from the non belted magnum case at 2300 fps, thus creating over 4100 ft. pounds of energy with moderate recoil.


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